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helo ?? am big fan of sheryar munawar siddiqui can u tell me how i meet him ?? or any event or any awards ? plz


On a more serious note, sorry I have no idea.

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What's your Instagram?

londontolahore :)

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faranza wondered,
I recently came across your Instagram through my popular page and omg!!!! So BEAUTIFUL. I wish I could sit there and like all the pictures bc wow. Your images are breathtaking, love everything you've captured. I never see you on my dash anymore bc time zones (I'm guessing) but <333

Damn, i’m flattered! And what popular page? :O Thank you so much for this, truly made my day better. :)

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Real Life Prince Fawad Khan

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Khoobsurat (2014)

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pehle lahore me barish ho nae rae thi ab ho rae hai to ruk he nae rae

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Bollywood meets Disney
» bollywood actors as disney male characters

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clothes I wish I had.

Anita Dongre at Lakme Fashion Week Winter/Festival 2014

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I like that when I speak in English, there’s an invisible barrier between me and the listener/reader. A formality, that I use for my advantage. When I speak in Urdu, it’s cordial. There’s no wall. I feel there’s a depth in Urdu, that English fails to reach. And it makes me happy.

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